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i. Maharajbag Garden and Zoo


The college has unique possession of century old Maharajbag Garden and Zoo. It has a rich tradition and a green backdrop, right in the heart of Orange city. The Maharajbag Zoo earlier known in “Bhosala Dyanasty” as “Shikar Khana”, was established in the year 1894. It is a star attraction for the visitors to the city. It is spread on 10 ha area. The Maharajbag has a rich collection of  herbs, shrubs, ornamental and aromatic plants, medicinal plants etc., and it propogates the fruit plants and produces seedlings of vegetable and ornamental plants for sale. 

It has following features.

 (1) Lawn (2) Aquarium (3) Children park (4) Zoo


ii. Telankhedi Garden


Located at the western side of Nagpur city, Telankhedi Garden (3.50 ha) was created by King Raghuji Bhosle (II) during 1780-1890. The garden is excellent combination of Moghal garden architecture, science and beauty. The college has carefully maintained its grandeur and serenity. It has very attractive and pleasant atmosphere in the garden. It has lush green lawn, water body, aquarium and children park.

iii. Satpuda Botanic Garden

Satpuda Botanic Garden is a biodiversity park has been developed on an area of 25 ha. in hilly, undulating  and picturesque setting of Futala lake during 1995-2002 with objective to collect, conserve and propagate valuable plant diversity of the country particularly of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and to create an educational and research base to serve as an open field laboratory and plant library for students and citizens. Following features are available.

1. Viewer’s galary, 2. Conservatory, 3. Fern house, 4. Cacti and succulent house, 5. Parking, 6. Lawns, 7. Open view points, 8. Cascade, 9. Arboretum, 10. Bamboosetum, 11. Palmatum, 12. Rosarium, 13. Scented garden, 14. Japanese garden, 15. Plant nursery, 16. Rare and Endangered plant section.

iv. College Farms

The main college farm was started as a model farm in 1871. In 1899, it started providing facilities for imparting practical education and research in agriculture. The total land under possession is 330.04 ha out of which land under cultivation 105.9 ha,  roads and building  60.12 ha, forest  126.23 ha, garden  34.17 ha, farm pond 0.80 ha, mushroom lab 0.70ha. In the Municipal area of Nagpur it plays pivotal role in greening Nagpur city.


v. Library

        In 1987, a separate building for the college library was constructed. It has a Reading Hall, Books Stacks, Back Volumes of Periodicals, Reference Section, Thesis Section. The book collection of college library is 59185 which includes text books, reference books, periodicals, thesis, etc.


vi. VTI Library

        The history of Agriculture and Industries, Society in Nagpur traces back to year 1901, when Her Majesty Impress Queen Victoria expired in 1901 grand subscriptions were raised in the Central Provinces to commemorate her name. An amount of Rs.2.00 lakhs was raised for the Society, out of which Rs.75000 were allotted for the part construction of Victoria Technical Institute (VTI) building situated in the Maharajbagh, Nagpur. VTI scientific library was founded in 1902 by then C.P. & Berar Government with the object to develop and improve agriculture and industries of the region and to disseminate and promote the technical and scientific knowledge. It has a stock of 3500 books and 6000 Journals. It has also 2000 odd books including gazetteers of India and Afghanistan. 









































































































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PDKV, Akola


ICAR, New Delhi

IARI, New Delhi

Mah.State Agri.Dept



















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